J'ai besoin d'aide pour cet exercice svp.

Réagis à ces commentaires que te fait ton ami.

Ex: I've decided to stop speeding behind the wheel !

It's the best decision you've ever taken.

a) Look at my new designer helmet!

b) This article about road safety is great !

c) That TV programme about tenns' driving was really stupid !

d) This car is so safe and so comfortable !

Merci d'avance.



Meilleure réponse !

a) this helmet is beautiful, I think it's the best helmet you've ever bought

b) yes this is article is the most interesting one that I have ever read

c)I agree with you, this is the most stupid tv programme I have ever watched

d) I think this car is the best to drive, this is the most comfortable car that I have ever drive


je crois que c'est sa