Yesterday afternoon, it rained very heavily ad o children played in the garden when a truck crashed into the fence of their garden.  The truck was driving too fast on the slippery road and the driver did not stop.  Fortunately nobody was injured. When the rescue team arrived, the driver was trying to open the door and get out of his truck.

In Calgary Tim did ride his bike on the bike path free of cars and he got hit by a car. 

Bill drove through a red light, he had a car accident and was injured and brought to the Montreal Hospital.

Andrew drove his water scooter in an non-authorized water scooter area and he hit a boat and got injured.,

Portée générale: You should wear protections when you ride a bike.

Portée particulière : You’had better run away from the truck or you will be hurt.

Danger si l‘on agit pas: You had better run away from the truck or you will be hurt


a. Earthquake

b. Volcanic eruption

c. Tornado

d  Hurricane

e. Fire

f. flood


a. The forest and the houses were burnt by the fire

b. All the building collapsed and were reduced to ruins during the earthquake.

c. In the USA, Tornado Alley is the scene of frequent disasters.  Everything is blown up and destroyed regularly

d. Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean and devastate the South East of the USA