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First of all, I would like to explain the notion.

There are several types of places which represents power in the World. They are generally famous political, religious or economical places.

What selection for higher education?

I will first deal with the cost of university which is a real issue.

Then, I will explain how students manage to go to the university?

(Finally, I will talk about the different skills taken into account for college admissions in the US?)

We can wonder why higher education is so expensive in the USA like the famous university, Harvard.

In the sixties, the number of people who was enrolled at the university was low. In a text, we saw this people had a high level and a lot of capacity. Education was free and the country gave money to the best, it was a reward. But today, the number of student is huge in the university and the education is expensive. Tuition fees can reduce the deficit. University becomes a firm. A lot of young people can’t afford such study. During the debate about tuition fees, James a member of the youth parliament of UK thinks high tuitions fees guaranteed quality. Indeed, the University of the UK has a high level. He notices that, paying higher tuition fees makes students more invested in their study. A degree is also an investment in the future. Students who have a high quality degree get better paid job when they graduate. So their business activity is likely to be successful and they contribute to the system. It means they will pay back what they owe. Contrary to James, Emily thinks high tuitions fees are not good for the society. The poor won’t be able to climb the social ladder. Only the rich will be able to go to the university, graduate and find good job. So, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Tuitions fees widen the social class divide.

Students who comes from wealthy family don’t have problem to go to the university, they can afford. Poorer people who are smart can enroll the university thanks to a scholarship given by the country, sometimes it’s not enough. We saw in class that those who are in the middle class were too rich to be helped by a scholarship but they were not enough rich to pay the tuitions fees. It was the case of Annabelle. She graduated in 2007 and now she owes $67,000 because she took high interest private loans to finance her study. Now she feels resentful. So it is dangerous when you take loans because you will have debts until few years. Some of students work part-time in order to finance his study like Miguel who comes from Mexico and works part-time in a Starbuck. When you work part-time you don’t have the time to study or do your homework, you are less efficient, and you may not have your diploma. For some young people, the mind and the wealth are not considered but only your performance in sport. They can integrate a university because they have a high level in one sport like football or basketball. They are promised to enter in famous club and they had an athletic scholarship. We saw a text in class who Jojo was a senior student at Dupont University. He was admitted on account of his athletic skills. His courses are easy whereas the other students because he doesn’t really have the time to study or do his homework. He spends his time practicing although he has the intellectual capacity. For exemple, in French course, he reads a book in English instead of French. Everything is done in order to give the diploma to athletic student. The big problem which may happen is if he injured, he will not have the athletic scholarship anymore and he may not be graduated because he couldn’t study hard in university.

To conclude, I think that tuitions fees make university having a better level because they had the best teachers. But I think it is unfair some young people can’t go to university because of money. Freedom of education is removed; we have to pay to have this. It is all the more unfair that student have to fill the gap of the deficit economic.




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