Last holiday, I went to Italy. It was really good and it was very hot. I enjoyed a lot my week spent in Italy, it's one of the most beautiful country i've ever been. I spent the 3 first day in Rome, i've visited the Sistine Chapel and lots of other huge monuments. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thirsday, I took the train to go to Venice. People are really friendly and hearty here. As a good tourist, I ate pizza and pasta, and it was the best i ate in my entire life! Then, for the last three days, i went to Milan. There are so much shops everywhere, i bought lot of clothes ! My uncle live s in Milan, we were sleeping at his home. Saturday, they brought my brother, my dad and I to a football match. At the beginning, i didn't really want to go to watch this match, but in fact, it was fantastic : the atmosphere was fabulous there ! Sunday, we came back home by the plane, i was sad because i really liked Italy



Michael Jackson was born on the  29th of August in 1958, and he died on the 25th of June,in 2009. He was an american singer and songwriter, but also dancer or choregrapher. His nicknamed was the King of Pop. He was also famous for his chirurgical operation, he was born black and became white.