Dans cette mini-biographie, conjugue les verbes au prétérit ou au pluperfect : My grandfather is a remarkable man. He was born on a small farm in Ireland in 1933. a) At the age of 18, he … (emigrate) to the US to become an actor. He …(do) all sorts of odd jobs to pay for acting lessons. b) At 22, he … (get) his fi rst part and by the time he …(be) 27, he … (already/reach) world fame! c) Five years later, when he … (meet) my grand-mother, he … (already/act) in fi ve blockbusters and he … (become) the wealthiest actor in Hollywood! d) At 40, he … (make) a big decision. He … (stop) his acting career, … (leave) Hollywood and … (go) back to Ireland!



  • gem
  • Ambitieux

emigrated      did       got       was       had already reached      met        had already acted          became         made      stopped        left         went