Où il est ecrit (name) tu mets le nom de ton ami ou de toi, où il est ecrit (colour) tu mets blue et pour les verbes tu regardes les verbes ireguliers.

Early this morning my friend Johnny and I Alissa went to the park.

The sun was rising in a beautiful red sky. The birds were flying and singing.

Johnny and I were really happy; we were running and smiling.


At 10 a.m. we sat down on a bench and took out our sandwiches.  We were eating when suddenly we heard a strange noise behind us.  We turned out very slowly and behind the trees, we saw a big black wolf. Johnny screamed and ran away and I fell off the bench, I was frozen and I was petrified. I hid behind the bench: The wolf looked very vicious.  So I took out my mobile to phone the police for help but my hands were shaking and I dropped it.  I paused and calm down.  Finally I picked it up and dialled 911.

The black wolf disappeared and I had no idea where I went.  The police turned out 20 minutes. When I explained the story, the police starting smiling and said that the wolf must have been a stray dog. The policy left and so did I.  A few days later in the heading of the local newspaper it said a Circus is looking for its black wolf lost a few days and offered an award of 1000 pounds for the person who could locate it.  So you see my amazing story was a true story and I do not care about getting 1000 pounds, I just do not wish to see this black wolf.