Aidez moi merci d'avance :) complete par une forme de have to et ajoute tag 1)if you are a solfier, you ... wear a uniform, ... ? 2) French school children ... wear a uniform, .... ? 3)But english children ... , .... ? 4) Kevin doesn't feel well, so he ... stay in bed. 5)Juliet ... look after Ian, .... ?






1)If you are a soldier, you have to wear a uniform, don't you?

2) French school children don't have to wear a uniform, do they?

 3)But english children have to , don't they ?

4) Kevin doesn't feel well, so he has to stay in bed (doesn't he?)

5)Juliet has to look after Ian, doesn't she?

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1)have to wear      don't you

2) don't have to      do they

3)have to     don't they

4)he has to    doesn't he

5) has to        doesn't she