J'ai du faire une autobiographie en anglais, j'aimerais des avis et surtout si vous voyez des erreurs vous me le dites svp , ca sera noté. La voici :

My name is ..., I'm 14 years old. I was born the 17th of November 1998. I have 3 brothers, the little is Rémi, he is 4years old, and the two others are Alan and Antony, they have 23 and 26 years. My mother's name is Carole, she is 41 years old, and finally my father, Pascal, il aged of 49 years. I don't know my grandparents, except my grandmother's side of my father.

In 2001, I started my first year of pre-school, where I met my first friend. The first day I cried because I didn't want to go there, than I got used to the school. In 2004 I started the primary school Saint-Exupery. During this year I had a dog, a female, her name is Louloute. It was a surprise from my parents, I was really happy ! We went to get she at a particular, after school. There where five puppies, it is me who had chosen. She is black with a little of white on the neck and legs. She's very cute, it's a cross spitz butterfly, however she did not obey. The 2nd of may 2008, Rémi, my little brother was born. From this day I'm not the smallest of the family. In 2010 I made my entrence to middle school, it was really different of the primary school and there where more peoples, it was bigger with hundreds of classrooms. I was a bit lost in this new place, but luckily I met again the majority of my friends. In 2011 I went to the Utah Beach camping with my aunt Virginie, my uncle Daniel, and my cousins Dorian, Solène and Maëva. We had lots of fun. That same year I had my first phone and my first computer. On Saturday, July the 14th, 2012, my cousin Aurelie has married with her boyfriend Mathieu, I was invited. The same year I will go to Paris with Marie, my friend, and we visited the Egyptian part of the Louvre. There was also her family. From 21 to 25 January 2013, I did my first apprenticeship, in hairdressing, at Jean-Claude Biguine. The 6th and 7th March, I did my white exam.

I always live in ... and I have never repeats a school year. I had a lot of animals of all kinds.




Apres Pascal c'est HIS et pas il

Et apres le moment ou tu parle de ton chien, quand tu veux dire qu'elle a eu 5 chiots ta mis un H a Where mais en fait c'est WERE

Et voila pour le reste je pense que tu as bon

J'espere t'avoir aidé a bientot :)

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*my little brother's name is Remi.

*his aged

*its is me


j'ai trouvé ça.


voilà.... :)