You are a hero or heroine. Report about several elements :
-Your name a hero or heroine
-You secret identity Your age
-Your origins
-Your special outfit and equipement
-Your physical and intellectual superpowers : capacites and abilities
-Your personality: your qualities and faults
-Your mission(s)

Don't forget to use :
-adjectives -male comparisons -use the superlative -express capacities and abilities -use the correct verbal forms -use the vocabulatry referring to heroes - linkword such as : and, besides moreover , in addition, but, however, while, contrary to, unlike, like, then, finally, as a conclusion.




Je te laisse le plaisir de te rédiger une intro et une conclusion dignes de ces noms si tu penses que c'est necessaire, je te fais le gros du job ;)


Well I am Natural Mystic, a hero who's able to control the nature. I don't know my own age cause I woke up in a plant with no memory of my past. At this point I was already a grown up and I didn't know where I were nor who I were. Then I saw a bear, taller than every thing I had seen until then (though I hadn't seen that much things). He stared at me but he didn't look mad at me. I told him "I'm not to attack you, let me go" and he eventually let me go. At this precise moment, I understood I was up to communicate with animals. That's the oldest memory I've got. When I got the nearest town, I felt... Bad ! It actually hurt me. I felt the pollution like a punch on my face.

I was sick, and angry I must say. That's how I decided to save the nature my own : I don't have special outfit, nor equipment, because I can work touchless and nobody can know who did what exactly. But now people know that the nature is able to take a revenge, and that it hurts. If you don't hurt the planet, She won't hurt you.