Alors voila la biograpgie de Ryan Gosling, j'ai besoins de quelqu'un qui parle couramment Anglais qi pourrait corrigés les faute grammaticales et lexicales. Merci d'avance:

This might come as a surprise to some of you, my favourite star is Ryan Gosling! He is an award-winning canadian actor, producer, film maker and composer.

He was born on 10 november 1980 in Cornwall. He grow up in a Mormon family. To top it all, he is the cutest man of Hollywood! At his beginning he would be dancer. But, at only 11 years old, he was spotted by the mickey house club like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera, definitely talented.

Then he was only 20 years old, his first brake came in 2000 in Danny Balint. His performance was amazing! He had already appeared in cadanian serie and acted in “Remember the titans”

In 2004, he won the teen choice awards for his role in the awesome movie “The notebook”. He already composed the music in “Wild Roomies”. Before, he had played in “Murder of numbers”.

He has hugely played tormented characters like in “Fracture”, “The united states of Leland” or “Stay”.

He was nominated for the Best Actor thank’s his performance in “Half Nelson”, a star was born.In 2008, he became member of jury of the academy awards. Definitly, he is recognized like an important actor in Hollywood.

In 2010, he won the award of the best staging for “Drive” in Cannes. No wonder! You know the rest…

In 2011, he produced his first movie, “ReGeneration”.

In 2013, he became film maker thank’s to “How to catch a monster”, his first long feature.

He lived for one year with Sandra Bullock, an actress meet in the shooting of “Murder of numbers”.Then, he lived for two years with a canadian actress, Rachel McAdams, meet in the shooting of “The notebook”. Currently, he lived with a cuban actress, Eva Mendes, meet in the shooting of “The place beyond the pines”. Not really professional!

So, I love him, he is classy, compelling, tremendous, on and on…




He grew up in a mormon family ( prétérit ) In canadian série. ( t avait mal écris )
Met ( prétérit de meet )

    et c'est tout je crois