svp j'ai un devoir mon professeur nous a demande d'ecrire une paragraphe sur le sport..... le voila : you prefer indoor or outdoor sports? you prefer individual or team sports? 3. what's your favourite sport? 4. which sports do you like? 5. which sports do you dislike? 6. which sports do you watch on tv ? use the answer to write paragraph about yourself svp aidez moi . bisou a tous!!!!



Meilleure réponse !
I prefer outdoor sports, because I find it more interesting to stay locked up in a room. I like team sports because it teaches us to be welded to made evidence of complicity. And favorit sport is the rugby and then I like, handball and basket. but i dislike the dance, the tennis and the gym. On tv, i prefer watch rugby because there are a lot of suspense and action.

Après tout ceci est personnel, inspirant.