Mon dm s'intitule: Writing in a diary

La consigne: You have always wanted to start a sport (choose it!); you have started it at school with the Physical Education association. You talk about it in your diary: _Write 4 different entries.

_Talk from the moment you started up to today

_Write a minimum of 120 words

_Skip lines

Voici mon travail:

Hello Diary, (23/04/2013)

Friday the 5th,

Today it was my first day at my high school's dance club. I admit, i was a little bit

scared. I hope it won't be too hard but I'm dashing because I have always wished do

this sport.

Friday the 12nd,

Hey, listen my diary,It makes a few days but I'm beginning

to feel integrated in the association. I have new friends and a dance professor,he is

so kind with me. It makes me feel so good

Friday the 20th,

My professor announces us a good news, he said to us that he organizes a dance

show which is entitled " dance with Esmeralda ". I have never felt so excited. I am

finally going to be able to dance and show my passion to my parents.

Friday the 29th,

Today is a great day. I will never forget this day and this dance show. My dear

diary, I've never felt so happy. I will become A dancer professional one day.




1rst entry : i have always wished "to " do...

2nd entry : "it's been" a few days ...      i have " made " new friends and my dance teacer is really kind to me (je pense que ce serait mieux comme ca, a toi de voir)... It makes me feel so good = I feel relieved

4th entry : si le spectacle est deja passe : today" was" a great day


si tu as d'autres questions je suis la.