• It was once an attractive and young princess in a pleasant small hut, living serene surrounded with her close relations and with height of animals.

A beautiful Prince charming in the smile Colgate, a day appeared in front of its door (not that it had defied all the traps, killed one thousand dragons, not not not it had simply got lost, quite drunk that it was, after the tour of bars).

Enthralled(Subjugated) by the attractive little face of the beautiful, he(it) put knee on the ground and without hesitating (unguardedly either really in the consequences of this gesture(movement), very too much hormonalement titillated at this precise moment) he asked him(her) for theis hand promising him(her) Castle, Honor, Comfort, Happiness and Beautiful descent.

The young princess who had received as born present " the wisdom " of the part his(her) godmother the good fairy, answered simply "No".

So she lived happy, made what she wanted when she wanted her, without being the maid of anybody, spending her money during great sessions of shopping with her friends, with no problem at all nanny or chicken pox to be managed and using her time without we hold accountable to ask for an explanation to her.
By means of courage and of determination, she builds herself her castle in which she partied of numerous years with her friends, neighbors and always surrounded with her animals.