jai fait un debut : Once upon a time, a little boy of Paul's name who lived with her mother and his father. He(it) were poor.
.Un in the daytime, king of the village, came has their place of residence. King was considered as being nasty with his(her) villagers... - I Pantar, king of the village, orders has your son to go to look me for it treasures! He(It) tightened(stretched out to) him(her) a card(map) in treasures and left. The father and the mother wondered why king sent their son looked for one treasures but, the son, was very happy him(her) of left in search of gold. He(it) packed his(its) luggage and left immediately! He(it) looked at the card(map) in treasures of roi:La cave at dragons. He had to cross(spend) by The cave in dragons, The lake in siren and then The wood in 1000 wizards. He(it) walked(worked) for a long time and lives a small wooden house and one watches over standing man in front of a river, a bucket has


There was once a boy named Paul who lived with his mother and père.Il were poor.

. One day, the king of the village, came to their domicile.Le réputait king was to be mean to her village ...
Me Pantar king of the village ordered for your son to get me what treasures!
He handed her a card and treasures partit.Le father and mother wondered why the king sent their son was looking for a treasure, but the son, he was very happy went in search of gold. He packed his bags and left immediately ! He looked at the map to the king's treasures: The cave dragons.Il had to go through the cave dragons, Lake with siren and then the wood 1000 sorciers.Il walked a long and saw a small wooden house and a man before standing in front of a river, a bucket in hand.
Good morning, sir, you want help? Asked Paul.
Oh yes of course my good could you fill the bucket?
Paul fills the bucket of water and gave it to the man before.
-Thank you very much, 'said the man, my back is not what it était.Je'll give you a small gift to thank you, yours.
The day man gave him a red rings, Paul slipped and asked:
-She is pretty, thank you.

-It's not that pretty, 'said the old it can protect you from feu.Tu'll need to cave in dragons ...
The young man looked at the red ring shone but looked up to ask how he knew it was a cave with dragons but the old man had disparus.Il went his way and stop looking at the ring rouge.Il walked slowly but came to a huge cave that smelled burning.

 -I must definitely be coming, I have to go through the cave dragons, said Paul.

He entered the cave and suddenly the red ring began to shine more and cleared the grotte.Il walked without finding any trace of dragons.Soudain he heard behind him a sort of grunt, he turned and saw a huge dragon. neck outstretched, he roared, mugissait.Paul accrued to any legs, but the dragon was blowing through the open mouth, ruffled his sharp fangs, torrents of fire sprang to Paul! Paul has ran out of breath, but he felt the fire caught him. .. But he remembered the ring that had been offered before the man! He felt the light touch, the flame licked his body, but he felt no douleur.Il reached the end of the cave, he went out and breathed the air, dragons can not out of the cave because it must surely fear the light of jour.Paul Tombas fatigue and evening came, he saw, this time not far from the cave, a house pierre.Il knocked an old dama opened the door:
-My dear, do not you have told me going through the cave dragon? And alone?
-Can I ask you a good bed and a little bread? Asked Paul.
The old woman did get Paul home was small but welcoming. There were two beds and a table and a wooden cabinet.
-Sit down I'll make you a room, the woman said.
Paul sat down, thanked and asked:
-How could you live here, I mean, with these dragons?
-Dragons do not mind, 'said the lady handing him a bowl of soup to eat and after lit.Paul did not need to pray, he drank all the soup and went coucher.Le next morning, the old woman when Paul was not waking up and saw on the table a bowl of milk and céréales.Il breakfasted and did not wait for the lady, he departed, leaving a word remerciement.Il walked a long time in a forest or trees hid light jours.Il made new species of animals: a lion mix has a tiger, a zebra-horse yellow tasks and long towards terre.Paul finally arrived was a huge

lac.Comment could he crossed the lake? But he noticed that the ring he wore was a hand change color, she took a blue, the same blue as the lake ... Strange ... He looked around him and did not far, a small galley with two rames.Il moved inside, and rama, rama, he reached the middle of the lake when suddenly he saw many sirens, they

 resembled human women but with a body poisson.Elles began to sing a voice an incredibly fabulous voice and Paul wanted to jump to join the sirens to sing with them, to swim with them and leave the human world ... But they could not because the ring seemed to hold it, force it to stay in the boat ... He continued to row and singing itself its own voix.Paul finally arrived on the other side of the lake, he saw the sirens replongeaient in water, they were very irritated, because before Paul, nobody had managed to pass the lake without end being eaten by sirènes.Paul watched the ring that was still blue ink and thought that without the ring, he would not be here ... He walked again and again and saw a huge apple tree filled with red apple, yellow, verte.Il wondered who might belong to the apple and it could well end prendre.Il die even if he had to eat this morning as four?