1.  are employed

2. covers

3. is covered

4- are locked

5. was posted      and it arrived yesterday

6.  The boat sank     everybody was rescued

7.   Rom’s parents died   He and his sister brought up

8.  My camera was stolen from my hotel room.

9.  My camera disappeared

10  Why did Sue resign from her job?

11.  Why was Bill sacked from his job?

12.   It is owned by a much larger company.

13.  Somebody called an ambulance but nobody was injured to the ambulance so the ambulance was not needed.

14. Where were these photographs taken? In London? Did you take them?


Passive sentence

1. The room is cleaned every day

2. All flights were cancelled because of fog.

3. This road is not used very often.

4. I was accused of stealing money

5. How are languages learned?

6. We were advised not to go out alone.