Merci de m'accorder votre temps mais j'ai absolument besoin de votre aide,vous êtes fortiche en anglais?Tant mieux!J'ai un conte a INVENTER et a ECRIRE en anglais!Il me faut au moins 20 lignes!!Pouvez-vous me mettre la traduction apres le contes?Merci beaucoup,j'ai besoin de vous!!!




Once upon a time there was a student who did not feel like completing his English homework.  He always asked his friends to help him.  Heping is not the right word, in fact he wanted his friends to complete his English homeworks.


One day the student had to go abroad and he could not ask his way, could not find his hoteland he felt so lonely.  Why just because he did not do his English homework. 


When his holidays were finished and time to get back to school,  he became a very active sutdent in English.  His parents were really surprised to see his English school record raising.


Now the former student became bilingual and felt free to tavel all around the world without any problems.