A police inspector was interviewing two people for the job of detective. The first candidate was a woman. The inspector showed her a photo of a man with green hair and asked her what was unusual about the man. She looked carefully at the photo and replied:
- He's only got one ear.
This was not what the inspector had been hoping to hear.
-We can only see one ear because the picture is in profile, he pointed out rather crossly.
The second candidate was a man. The inspector asked him the same question.
The man said:
-He's wearing contact lenses.
The inspector was very surprised.
-You're right, he said . I happen to know that he really is wearing contact lenses.
That's very clever of you. How did you guess it ?
-It's quite simple said the man. He must have poor eyesight with only one eye. And he can't wear glasses because he's only got one ear !