Marcel Proust is born in Auteuil, in 1871 (eighteen seventy-one) and he died in 1922 ( nineteen twenty-two).Proust marked the finish of the 20th Century and the World literature by his work dazzling. He was high in the bourgeois milieu. At first, Marcel initiate himself studied law then of letter, finally integrate the artistic and mundane milieu from paris. There he start a career in journalism. He trip much, He write a novel, that seems never not be completed. The death of his mother, the weakens. There, he write much, And it's in the solitude that he created the roman popular: <<In Search of Lost Time>>.that includes of seven romans. The one that of interest to us is : <<Swann's Way>>.

Swann's Way is the first part of the novel << In Search of Lost Time>> .He was wrote in 1913
(nineteen thirteen).That novel is separed in 2 (two) part: '' Combray"and '' a love Swann''. The story is told to first person (except for 'a love of Swann'').
The book begins along with the part ''Combray". It represent The childhood village of Proust. In this part, He remembers his memories. He thinks about his childhood.The two part, Proust recount a love story. Swann is character a novel. He falls in love ''d'Odette de Crécy ''. But she is the betray. Swann suffers of jealousy, but he ends with the time by separates of she.
<<In Search of Lost Time>> recount a love story,a infidelity and a jealousy.

To conclude, Marcel Proust Remains the Reference and incontestable monument of the french literature.