Ex1. 1d-2a-3c-4e et 5b. Ex2.a)what. b)so. c)so. d)what. e)what. Ex3.a)Alison is so pretty. b)This film is so interesting. c)This animal is so big. d)This house is so nice. Voila j'espère t'avoir aidé au mieux!

Exercice 1

1. The cars is broken! E. I'am going to buy another one


2. My dog is lost!  A. We're going to look for him.


3. Her Dad has a new job in Italy. C. They're goin to?? in Italy


4. My bike is broken! D. We're going to be late


5 This film is too scary B. They're going to watch another one


Exercice 2

a. Waht a crazy situation!

b. Deepa is so excited!

c. Ben is so surprised!

d. What a nice partk!

e. What a big cat!


Exercice 3

a. Alison is so pretty!

b. This film is so interesting!

c. What a big animal!

d. What a nice house!