I am not guilty. I want a lawyer (barrister?). 


You have the right to remain silent. 


 I have not done anything wrong. I don't even know who killed him/her and at what time.


 I stopped by his/her house, the witnesses are right, but I can explain everything.


I went to his/her place because he/she owed me money and he/she would pay me back.  So when I arrived (to his/her place), the door was opened.  I entered (his/her flat); it was dark   I tripped over the corps and I fell.  As soon as I got up I switched on the light and I screamed when I the corps.  At that point I heard someone coming. I opened the window and I ran away.  That is all I have to say.  I did not blame myself, I am not guilty.


The casualty has a friend with whom he would play poker every night and he would stay in his/her friend’s place because he would drink too much.   I think He/she  could have done anything in this ……………(l n’y a plus de texte.