Bonjour, j'ai un exercice en anglais pourriez vous m'aidez svp!

Réagir aux phrases suivantes en utilisant des exclamations exprimant la surprise, le contentement ou le mécontentement:

EX: She's coming tonight/ Really?

I passed my exams/ Fantastic!

1- I had a car accident. ......

2- I've got a new job.......

3- She lost her purse with 50 F inside. .....

4- Guess who's coming? Betty!....

5- My brother won the race! Ho ......? I didn't think he would.

6- We're going to the beach this afternoon. ....




1- Are you okay?

2- Amazing!

3-  That's sad!

4- Great!

5- Really?

6- Awesome!