Exercice 32. Classe ces marqueurs de temps en trios categories: pré en cours passé fréquence

Présent en cours: now, at the moment,, last year, this year

Passé three years ago, in 1990, five minutes ago, yesterday, last month, three days ago

Fréquence:  Always, rarely, ever, often, sometimes, usually

Exercice 33:

1,   Beethoven is a classical and romantic composer and he composed the fifth symphony.

2. The Lumière brothers are French inventors of movies (moving pictures) and  run the “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory”. 

3. Leonardo Da Vinci is a painter, sculport and inventors. He imagined the first parachute

4. Christopher Columbus was an explorer and landed in 1492 in North America..

5. Victor Hugo was a poet, a playwright,  a novelist , a visual artist, a statesman, a human right campaigner.




Présent en cours : now, at the moment, this year.


Passé : three years ago, in 1990, fives minutes ago, last year, five minutes ago, yesterday, last month, three days ago.


Fréquence : always, rarely, never, often, sometimes, usualy.




1) Beethoven is a composer of classical music and he composed the nine symphony between 1822 and 1824.


2) The Lumière Brothers are two engineers in photography and cinema, and they realized "the exit from the Lumière factory in Lyon"


3) Leonardo Da Vinci is a painter and he painted the Joconde.


4) Christopher Colombus is an adventurer and he discovered the America.


5) Victor Hugo is a novelist and he wrote "Les misérables"