Coucou qui pourrai m'aider pour une epression ecrite je n'ai vraiment pas d'idée :

you have decided to enter a competition in which you have to present a new invention that you thnik would be useful to many people . write a report dealing with the aspects suggested below (200 words)

a) how the idea came to you

b) what items already exist on the market and why they are not satisfactory

c)your invention : description , materials used , fonction , how it works etc ...

d) how it would improve things for people

e) in terms of cost , how expensive it could be to produce




Remplis les point que j'ai mit

A) The idea came to me was when I ..........

B) The items that arleady existed before I invented my invention. They are not satisfactory because it is not an invention that is specific, its an invention that everyone knows!