Movie 1 : Hansel and Gretel witch hunters


It's a fantasy movie

The scene takes place in a forest

Jeremy Renner is in it

It's about 2 childrens who are abandoned in a big forest during the night. They find a gingerbread house. When they enter in this house, a horrible witch close the door and wants to eat them. They killed her in her oven.

In the end, they grow up and they become wich-hunters.


Movie 2 : Wild child


It's a comic movie

The scene takes place in a boarding english school

It's about an american girl who is very incredible with her father since her mother die. Her father send her in this boarding english school and she will hating this school. She'll do all for back to her house.

In the end, she's very friendly and nice. She find her really person.


Movie 3 : Titanic


It's a tragic film

The scene takes place in a boat

It's about a rich girl who meet a lout man. But she fall in love with him

In the end, the boat fail and the man doesn't survive