Bonjour. J'aimerais vos avis sur ma nouvelle en Anglais. Et une correction orthographique si possible :)
Le sujet : Créer une nouvelle à partir du tableau " Girl at mirror " de Norman Rockwell, et à partir de la chansson " Make love to me " de Jo Stafford. ( Sans prendre en compte les paroles )

Voici ma nouvelle :

A man of fifty years old, lived alone in the north of America. He was alone because he has no friends and no family. His parents had died in a car crash when he had six years old. This man is called Mike, and when his parents died he was there. He saw all the scene and he was very shocked. Mike survived the accident but he had lots of damage. A piece of glass was entered on his right eye, and since then, he saw with his left eye only. That is why, he had no friend. When he was an adult, he had no friend either. So he was very alone. He lived in a big and dark house. He never went out, but one day when he decided to go out, he went out at night. He went in his car and hit the road. He It’ was raining and Mike Had difficulty to see the road. He was listening to a song : Make love to me. On the edge of the road, there was a small shadow, he believed it to be an animal. Its shadow crossed the road and Mike can’t stop on time.

Mike stopped and moved down off the car. He discovered a small corpse, that of a kid. The girl was dead. He didn’t know what to do, then he got away. When he was arrived, he wanted to sleep, but he had a strange feeling to have someone next to him. Several hours after, he slept. The next day, there were some paranormal facts. He decided to paint a picture of the girl he had killed because he wanted to pay tribute. He painted a girl who looks in a mirror. He called she, Hannah. But since it, he spent most scary things in his house. Mike had not scared because he had scarred to nothing. But he wanted to know who or what that would scare him even if, he thought it was the girl. When Mike slept, home’s furniture moved. Windows are opened and closed by itself. He heard sound of path and doors slamming. He was beginning to be crazy. He thought it was his paint that hunted, so he decided to burn it. But, the next day, the paint was appeared, suspended in the kitchen. Mike was very shocked and wanted to burn again the paint, but it’s very suspend. He covered the paint with cloth. Whenever, he went out and came back, the cloth was no longer on the paint. The girl would probably not be hiding, so she took of the cloth. Mike took a decision, he wanted to burn the paint, but he wanted to think about this before that because Hannah may manifest violently.

Mike returned at the place of the accident. The corpse was no longer there. Where was it ? Who could move it ? He looked around him and he found nothing, so he came back. Firstly, he could not open his door because it locked but Mike had not lock ! Then, when he entered in his home, he found the corpse of Hannah on the floor. And the song Make love to me was put. Mike was very surprise because Hannah was the author of all this. Mike looked for a spell, took the corpse and went to bury it. During the night, Mike heard crying and screaming.

It was unbearable. Then he decided to leave. He returned in the place at the accident. Hannah was here. She was living. It was only a dream.




Bravo c'est un bon travail j'aime quand tu parle de tous les detail 


i'm agree with you ta bien conjugué et bien accordé les participe passé et les prétérit


bonne continuation