3. Une aventure incroyable t'est arrivée. Ecris un mail à un ami pour lui raconter : 1. qu'on t'a téléphoné de Londres. 2.Qu'on t'a demendé : << Veux-tu travailler pour les services secrets? >>> 3.que tu as été recruté(e) par le MI5. 4.que tu as été envoyé(e) en mission secrète au Japon.



Heeey Danni !
You don't know what, last week I was at home and suddenly my phone rang, the number was from London and it was a very strange voice, kind of someone whi don't want to be recognize, however, they asked me if I was Danni Rinkle, and then he told me if I wanted to work in the secrets services . Unbelievable ! But I said yes of course. They told me to stay at home cause they'll sent me a Fax. And I was just waiting for this paper. Finally, I received the paper, and it's writing that I have a secret mission in Japan, do you believe it ? I'm still shock you know. Anyways , talk to you soon and hope you'll reply back johnny.
Bye !
( bon pour les noms j'ai eu du mal a inventé change les xD) voilaa en esperant t'avoir aider.
Hi my friend, how are you?
I have a lot of news in life, somebody called me from London and he tell me if I want to work for secret services!
Of course I've responded yes and I was rushed by the MI5.
It was very good, I love be an undercover agent.
My last mission this place in Japan and it was very good.
I await your news, Good bye !