Bonjour ! j'ai du écrire une lettre sur New York en utilisant le prétérit et le superlatif cependant, certains mots ne me paraissent pas correctes et j'aimerais avoir votre avis sur cela. et si possibles me corriger mes fautes.

les mots dont je doute le plus sont soulignés ( lettre en dessous )

Merci d'avance.

I arrived in New York ! The travel was very long and tiring and we arrived, my family and me, at
yesterday. My mother, my sister and me went shopping today and i bought some clothes to not
spend igt all at once. I also tasted the famous milkshake ! This is really good ans believe me,
I'm dying to go myself bought a good dixaine !
New York is a really great city. Our apartment is located in Manhattan near the Empire State
Building and it is very big and comfortable.
We will visit the Statue of Liberty, Which is not far away. That it parrait The Statue of Liberty
is as famous as the Eiffel Tower ! we will also visit Empire State Building who is the highest building
But New York is the most dangerous city because there are lots of people, lots of tourists, lots of
I hope one day we could go together !
Love, Mary




That it parrait The Statue of Liberty => It seems that the Statue of Liberty....


Après je pense que c'est bon juste des petites fautes de frappes : This is really good and believe me

Meilleure réponse !
"We arrived, my family and me" -> "me and my family arrived at.." Ça sonne mieux !
My mother, my sister and me DO* shopping
Le mot dixaine ne va pas, essaye de reformuler.
Our flat* is located
That it parrait ne va pas non plus, emploie seem
We has also visit* (n'emploie pas Will ici, il symbolise le futur)
Lot of people (et non lots -> people est singulier) idem pour traffic