Describe this photo from a famous American film. Do you knonw its title ?

This photo from a famour American film shows a teenager as a seductive woman who could kill. On an unmade bed, a teenager is lying on her stomach. She is all dressed including with her high-heeled shoes.  Her position, especially her right hand holding a smoking cigarette and her thumb on her lips. Her left hand holds an open book.  Right in front of her, there are a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and a revolver.  This picture shows three messages: sex, smoking, violence (with the revolver.   This famous American film is “Pulp Fiction”

2.  Read the article and find the equivalents of (in the right order) :

Jeunes : adolescents (lines 1,and 16), youths (line 5), children (line 12),

Réduire : to cut back (line 6),

Plan :  shot (shots, line7)

Marque : brand (brands, line 7)

Chercheur : Researcher (researchers : line 11)

Au hasard : randomly (line 13)

Etre susceptible de V : to be more likely to (Verbe) (line 18)


3.  What has the Hollywood film industry been asked to do ? why ?

The Hollywood film industry was urged to cut back on depictions of smoking or shots of cigarette brands.  The reason is that the study described that the first national link at the the influence is the movie smoking on youths. The Study records that nearly 40 percent of United States adolescents who give cigarette smoking a try do so because they saw it in movies. The study found that adolescents with the highest exposure to movie smoking were 2.6 times more likely to try it.  The study found that adolescents with the highest exposure to movie smoking were 2.6 times more likely to try it compared to those with the lowest exposure. Of every 100 adolescents who tried smoking, 38 did so because they saw smoking portrayed in movies.

4.  Have you ever been influenced by a film in any way ?

Indeed, it is very difficult for me to stand back from a movie. Sometimes I can be influenced by movies.  One day, I watched a horror movie on bewitchment (I can not remember the title of it), which impressed me so much that for some time I became a little paranoiac. I imagined that the bewitchment could happen to me. But the reason took over and I stood away from the film and finally understood that it was a mere fiction.  Taking this into account, I can imagine how movies could influence teenagers. We tend to idealize super heroes and if they smoke, indeed I could imitate them through smoking; fortunately I do not smoke so I think that it takes a certain maturity not to endorse all our heroes’ attributes.