1.Were there twenty people waiting?


2.  What did your mother tell them?


3.  When could you give us an answer?


4.  Who was playing chess with Robert?


5. How did they manage ?



Compléter le tableau

Souvent: often

Jamais: never

Penser à : to think of

Avoir beoin de: to need

Devoir: homework, duty, to own

Des gens: people

Plutôt: rather

Quelqu’un/personne: somebody/nobody

Apporter to bring

Ça vaut la peinde : It’s worth  (verb+ing)

Détester: to dislike, to despise

Nulle part: nowhere


To remember: se souvenir

Slow: lent

How long ago: ça fait combien de temps?

Among: parmi

Illness: maladie

To worry about: s’inquiéter de

To stay: rester

Between: entre

Does she remember where we live?

No, I thin she does n’t remember where you live.


1.  How long ago did you go there?

I went there two month ago


2.  Is it worth going toIreland?

Yes, it is not worth going there


3.  What are you worrying about?

I am worrying about my mother’s health.

4.  Will you come along?

No, I will not come along, I’d rather stay here.


5.  Do you need anything else?

No, I do not need anything.


6.  Do you like John?

No I do not like John, I despise him.


7. Would you rather go toNew Yorknext week?

Yes, I’d rather go to New next week


8. Where are you from?

I am from nowhere


9. What do you think of my new car?

I think it is a very nice car


10. Are you quick minded?

No I am slow minded


11. Have you done your homework?

No, I have not yet done my homework?