Bonsoir, les plus, moins et les points d'interrogations indiquent le type des phrases.


1) he has run.

2) We are writing.

3) Does she feed?

4) Will they send?

5) She wouldn't like.

6) I used.

7) Have they fell?

8) You didn't learn.

9) He walks.

10) I haven't been.



1) He ate.

2) We have been.

3) Have you hidden?

4) They didn't go.

5) I have lived.

6) You haven't done.

7) Has he lost?

8) Did they find?

9) You haven't taken.

10) Have you cleaned?


present perfect= action passée que l'on constate au présent. Date indéterminée.

prétérit= action passé totalement coupée du présent.