C'est un DM d'anglais, est ce que les phrases sont correctes ?

Dear diary,
I had a great time today !My friends are come to my house, we laughed a lot ! First of all we played has Mario Kart, I often won but sometimes I didn't win because I often played. So, then we played on my tablet and finally we took many photography. We wasn't allowed to go out that's my we stayed inside but we was allowed to watch the TV. When they left I had to clean the dishes but I don't had to suffer it. They left in the afternoon at 6.00 p.m.
Today was a very spécial Day !



My friends came to my house

First, we played at Mario kart. I often won but not always because I wasn't always playing .

Then, (enlève so) ... And finally we took lots of photos.
That's why we stayed inside, watching tv. (Ça fait un peu répétitif sinon mais bon ^^)
"I don't had to suffer it" j'ai pas compris x)
Et l'heure à laquelle ils sont partis met le direct quand tu qu'ils partent ;)
Voilà je crois que ça va..
(...)When they left I had to clean the dishes but I didn't mind.