Je dois faire 3 phrase avec Can et 3 phrase avec have to. Je n'y arrive pas :/
Qui peux m'aider ?
"The Kenya government warned that African elephants are a step closer extinction.

Campaigners say an increase in poaching and the growing demand for ivory in China and other Asian countries is largery responsible.

The poachers are very dangerous and park rangers are trying to protect the elephants as much as they can.

Conservationists are warning that if we don't do more, african elephants are going to disappear forever."
Désolé si il y a des fautes :s






China and some Asian countries have to stop their demand for ivory.

Park rangers have to be very attentive to what happens. (un peu nul :p)



Poachers can be punished if they are caught.

The African government can do more prevention about the elephants. (nul aussi :p)