Salut, J'aurai vraiment besoin d'aide en Anglais niveau 4°. Complète par to+ BV ou par BV + -ing. 1.(go) to Victoria, you have (change) 2.(save) money, you should (buy) an oyster card. 3.(travel) on the tube is easy and fast. 4.(drive) in London is impossible. 5.(cycle) in London, you must (be) very brave. Merci.




You HAVE TO change...

TO SAVE money you should buy an oyster card ( suis pas sure du tt)

TRAVELLING on the tube...

DRIVING in LOndon ...

To cylce in London , you must be very brave


:) je ne suis pas completement sure ...


To go to Victoria, you have to change.


To save money, you should buy an oyster card.


Travelling on the tube is easy and fast.


Driving in London is impossible.


To cycle in London, you must be very brave.


Voila ! J'espère que cela t'aidera ;)