Je te conseillerais de:

1- Faire parler la journaliste pour presenter leur situation (ils ont tout quitter pour partir a l'venture)


2-Leur poser des questions du type : Why did you chose to leave everything to sail around the world? How did you feel when you leave your family? What is your best memory ?  What is your worst memory? Do you have any regret? What does this journey brought to you?


(Mon anglais n'est pas parfait, je peut avoir fait des erreurs :/ )

J'espere t'avoir aidé :)

Comme Nonora a dit pose des questions de ce type la. Laisse moi t'en noter quelques unes aussi.
- What motivated you to go on this journey?
- Had you ever done anything like it before?
- What was the biggest challenge you had to face?
- Do you ever have any regrets about leaving your old life?
- How does it feel to be living isolated from everything and having to provide your own food ?

J'espère que j'ai aidé un peu :)