il faut que tu raconte ta vie quand t'étais petit du genre:

"His name is Yannick Noah. Yannick Noah was born on May 18th in 1960 at Sedan in the Ardennes.
His father name is Zacharie, he is Cameroonian origin and was professional footballer in Sedan. His mother name is Marie-Claire, she is French and was professor.
While Yannick has got 3 years ago, the Noah family leaves a France for Yaoundé in Cameroon. He grew up in Yaoundé, the capital of the Cameroon between his two passions: the sport and the reggae.
He used to be a player of tenis but now, he is a French singer.
At only 17 years old, he win his first big tournament junior in Wimbledon.
Since 1978, he goes into large man's playground and confronts the best players of the world tenis as Connors, Pecci, Vilas, Lendel ...
In 1983, he win International French of Roland Garros.
In 23 years old, Yannick is the third world player and attracts the nice of all the audience. His game is spectacular.
At the end of his carrer of tenis player, he become captain of the French team of Cut Davis.
His singing career begin in 1991, his first song " saga africa " become the tube of the summer.
At 31 years old, he sells his first album " Black and What ".