Je pense que vous devriez montrer que vous vous intéressez à votre travail en dactylographiant votre texte au lieu de le présenter en pièces jointes.


To drive, you need a driving …: LICENCE


Workers without pay; VOLUNTEER


An organization that helps those in need:  CHARITY


Competencies SKILLS


A person who practises law: LAWYER


Employ: HIRE


Objectives: GOALS


A short word for advertisement:  Ad   (plural Ads)


Works in a hospital: NURSE


Young people talk about their careers. Complete their ??? with the correct verb forms


If I were you braver, I’d be a fire-fighter.


If I had the opportunity, I would like to work overseas.


We would start our own business if we had a good idea.


If I had, I would volunteer to work for a charity.


I’d get a job in computers, if I had been studying for many years.


If I were a social worker, I would be able to help others


I’d become a politician if my convictions were stronger.