Salut, j'ai besoin d'aide pour mes devoirs.
You won a week end in NYC
Imagine you. Email your best friend:
a) Tell him/her the good news!
b) Say you´re going with 2 other people, and you like one of them....
c) Write what you will certainly do, see
D) Write about what you hope to do
e) Say what you promise to do.

You must use supermatives, write about 5famous places minimum, be enthusiatic, and use varied verbs and vocabulary

Sinon Mon devoir est dans les pièces jointes.



Hello my dear!
How are you?
You can't imagine how I'm happy because I won a weekend in New York with 2 friends. We met Robert Pattinson!!!!! My favorite actor!!! I fainted when he was looking me!
Next week, we probably see Hollywood! And we may do shopping. I am very exciting !!!!
I miss you so much! Bye! :)

Hi !

Believe what ? I won a week-end ind in New-York City ! Isn't it fantastic ? I'm the luckiest boy ever !  Well I saw photos about this city and it is so magnificent ! I'm so happy and exciting !

I will go with my cousin Alexander and a friend of him, Leslie. I like her very well ! She's really nice. I think she is the most intelligent girl in this world.

I will certainly go to Apollo Theater and Flat Iron Building ! It's so cool ! And I want to visit South Street Seaport but I don't now if we will have the time. And I hope the weather will be good ! I think New-York is the most popular city in the world. Imagine I see a star ?! But I don't want to go to Metropolitan Museum. It's certainly the biggest museum in USA but I don't like museums. I would like to visit Wall Street, but I think it's impossible.

I promess to do a lot of photos of you and I will send you postal cards.

See you !