a) What does it mean ?

b) But nothing is wrong with my leg

c) There is nothing wrong with me ... I'm healthy !

d) They will kill me !

e) It's all right ... There is no problem ! I'm healthy, I'll make a good American, you'll see.

f) I am telling the truth. I'm healthy. Look at my muscles. I'm strong! I'm healthy ! You see ?


6. You limp = vous boitez

Clues that helped me : the question that follows

(les indices qui m'ont aidé : la question qui suit)


7. sweat = transpirer 

the wound = la blessure

the bullet = la balle

healted = soignée

it ached = ça fait mal



Il faut que tu rajoutes le texte : il faut que je connaisse le contexte pour pouvoir t'aider à répondre à ces questions.