Bonjour, j'ai un exercice a faire en anglais et je n'y arrive pas, pouvez vous m'aider :$

( Il faut le faire sous forme d'un dialogue )

Josh is now black from his trip. He is waiting for his luggage at London airport and he's calling his mum at home. He's telling her what he has just done. whrite their conversarion.

A frew ideas : - Go throught the customs - Get one of my bags - (teatcher) go to phone the bus driver - (bus) arrive - (best friend go to the toilets




- Hi mum, it's me Josh ...

- Hi Josh, how was your trip ?

- Good thanks mum we saw Big Ben ( ex ) !

- Really ? I wish I was there.

- Yeah, I'll be home soon anyway ...

- Talking of that what you up to ?

- Just waiting for luggage ..

- Ok, I'll leave you then.

- Bye Mum .

- Bye Josh.


J'éspère que je t'ai aidé,