J'ai commencée mais n'arrive pas à trouver deux dernière phrases sans dévoiler l'histoire du livre

Voilà ce que j'ai fais :

The biggest surgeon named Mr Dujardin whom everybody recommends goes found in prison.But why? It is that everybody wonders... It is because of a fault a professional whom he should not have made which goes ruined the career for ever and which goes person killed a 8-year-old girl. It was a day as the others he has an operation, he gets ready in operated a girl whom he had in consultation a few days rather which had a deformation with the face and she wanted to remove this deformation what is normal to there...

It is 2.23 p.m. when the girl goes in operation block,The team of the surgeon takes care of the girl and puts to sleep her.



Be careful this is not an operation but a surgery.