Bonjour, j'ai une rédaction pour demain en anglais, possible d'avoir une correction ? Charlotte went with his uncle and aunt in Calvie in Corsica. On the plane, there was no noise and there was a movie on TV. When they arrived, the uncle of Charlotte is to search the suitcases. After having waited for 30 minutes suitcases are not always happen. So they had to spend three days without their belongings. After 3 days, a man came back suitcases they found the airport. At the Hotel Lavilla, it was very hot. The Day, they went to visit the city, go to the beach and in the pool. At night, they are at the restaurant and then went in the night club. After a week, they come by plane, and keep good "souvenires" Merci !



J'aurai plutot dit:
"Their trip by plane was silencious. Passengers were able to watch a movie on TV."
"After having waited for 30 min, their suitcases, they were declared/claimed lost, so they had to spend 3 days without their belongings."
On dit "Lavilla's Hotel" il me semble.
"At night, they WERE". pas are.
"They went TO a night club."
"They came back by plane, and kept good memories".
En esperant t'avoir aidé. N'hésite pas si tu ad besoin de plus de details !
Meilleure réponse !
Charlotte went with *her uncle and aunt.
When they arrived, Charlotte's uncle went to get the suitcases. After a 30 minute wait, the suitcases still weren't there. After 3 days, a man came with three suitcases they had found at the airport. During the day, they visited the city, went to the beach and the pool. At night, they went to a restaurant and then a night club. A week later, they went back home by plane and kept good memories :)