je dois ecrire une histoire en anglais un conte de fais plus precisement pouver vous maider svp

la prof a marquer: Faire le travail préparatoire à l’écriture d’un conte de fées sur la fiche distribuée. Faire la rédaction du conte sur une copie simple/feuille blanche que vous illustrerez.Vous pouvez faire le travail à l’ordinateur et me rendre une copie imprimée.

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Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen. They lived in a lovely golden castle and had a beautiful daughter, Sandy. But Sandy was very unhappy. She never laughed or smiled. "We will give a unicorn to the person who can make Sandy happy," said the Queen. A musician came and played the piano, a fairy said a magic spell, and a joker came and told jokes, but Sandy did not smile or laugh.

A young farmer came to work at the Queen's castle. He came with his little dog. The little dog liked to play. One day Sandy saw the dog and started to smile – then she laughed. The Queen heard her daughter and saw the dog. The dog was happy to get
a unicorn!


En espérant t'avoir aidé.


This is the story of a prince (it looks like the Beauty and the Beast), which is arrogant and refused all brides that offered him even more beautiful. One day an old comes, he tampers. It turns out that she is a witch who turns into wild horse lame and not very nice, what a nag. The charm will break the day when a young girl manages to tame and ride. This girl is the one with whom he will marry.

The Prince horse wanders everywhere. Failing to be issued and marry it starts looking for a beautiful girl and preferably rich. But given his appearance, he is expelled from all the castles where he goes. When he meets a beautiful girl is a girl who does that make lame horses and who prefer beautiful palfreys.

One day he is captured by loggers who want to work for firewood. In the village where it is brought, it is entrusted to the village chief who has a daughter, not very nice, not very ugly. It will take a liking to the poor horse is far indomitable. Because the prince horse refuses to be tamed short while and still less by the girl, he does not want to marry ...

Then adds some good adventures that could change his mind the horse Prince. eg it saves a perilous adventure

Finally the horse is ok to tame and daughter can mount: he becomes prince and marries girl!