1 .Yesterday, I missed my bus
Did you walk back home ?
No, I phoned my dad, but he didn't answer his phone
So I walked to school but I arrive very late

2. Yes I tidy my room last weekend
Yes I did my homework yesterday
Yes I got a good mark last week
Yes I phoned a friend last night

3. Yesterday, we were at school, but Rachel was away
She was in bed with a cold
Last Saturday, I was dead tired
My parents were at the cinema last night
When were you born ? in 1999

4. ''I'm Sorry, Miss, I'm late, but this morning I not heard the alarm clock and so I not got up at 7:30, but a 8! I finished my cornflakes and orange juice in 5 minutes! I opened the door and my dog barked with joy. He had mud all over himi! I yelled : ''No, Rex ! Don't!'' but too late! He jumped on me and covered my uniform with mud! I was angry, but I not showed it because my dog is very sensitive. Then I cleaned my uniform and I finally walked to school. But I was dead tired you see so I not walked very fast!"