Bonjour, pouvez-vous me corriger s'il vous plait, et je dois ajouter la structure "in order to" 3 fois mais je na sais pas où la mettre..

If I go to New-York, I will go with my boyfriend during the summer. First, in the morning, if it's not cold, I will go to Central Park to go running and play basketball. Then, I will take a shower and go shopping in the 5th avenue. Ten, I will visite the Empire States Building. After that, to eat, I will go on Burger King and for the dessert, I will buy a donut in a bakery. In the afternoon, I will see the statue of Liberty. Of course, I will take a lot of photos. After that, I will take a yellow car for go to Times Square. If there is a NBA's basketball match, i will go but if there is no, I think I will go to the Guggenheim museum. Then, I will go back in central Park to go for a walk. For the evening, i will eat in Mc Do and after I will go outside fo seeing the building's lights and finally, I will go to a pub or a club to live it up all the night.

Merci :)