Keight is a witness of a murder. So he Called the Police to tell 'em what he saw. He Said he WAS WALKING in the street, it was dark and nobody was there except a man who WAS WEARING a black coat and a gray scarf. The man WAS SPEAKING to someone else. It's like They Were friends. Suddenly, They started to screaming. Keight saw a person who had a knife with blood. Keight WAS STARTING to be scared and he ran away. Muderer saw the goal and he ran Effective Keight him.
Keight was successful in escaping the killer.
And that's how he finded the Commissary.

Svp pouvez vous corrigé si le texte n'est pas au prétérit be-ing corrigé le merci d'avance




À la place de "murder" j'aurais mis : assassinate.


Il y a un problème dans ton texte : "(...) to tell 'em what"


Après je pense qu'il n'y pas d'erreurs.


c'est presque excellent a part quelques petites etourderies.

qu'est-ce que tu as voulu dire a ''so he called the police to tell'em...''? le 'emm ne correspond pas trop a la phrase, il faut que tu enleves l'apostrophe.

je te corrige une phrase: the murderer saw  him and he ran after keight. c'est jsute une proposition...


voila il n'y a rien d'autre a corriger , je pense :)