Bonsoir, pouvez-vous me corriger mon devoir d'anglais. Merc d´avance.

I chose the cell phone, Because I think this is the best invention of all ages, you can contact at any time, you can access the internet. the mobile phone was created by Dr Martin Cooper, he led a team of developers at Motorola and was the first cell phone call April 3, 1973. a cell phone that makes calls and any other person having a cell phone. Send and receive text messages. Take, view and store images and videos. internet access. Access to common programs like a calculator, calendar. the benefits of phones are to do almost everything are Features computer is able to.



I chose the cp because (pas de virgule en anglais) Of all times You can contact others Have access to the internet And he made the 1st phone call on April A CP can make calls, send or receive messages from whoever has another CP Internet access tu le dis 2 fois en fait Everything which computers are able to Voila :)