Bonsoir, quelqu'un pourrait-il me corriger ? Merci :)

→ Le but : Je doit décrire une invention ( nouvelles technologies ) et cela doit durer 2 minutes.

My name is Lauriane and i invented GPS eyeglasses in 2012. They can find their way or calculate a road. I gave them the name "Opticnavigate." What are the benefits to navigate directly to the gps without lifting one finger because the hand in life, just go through the motions and the page turns automatically. They are convenient for people who have a sense of direction failed.

This is an electronic chip mounted on a pair of glasses basic. So you can spend the GPS glasses. The magnetic sensor based on the orientation of the head to offer different directions. Once selected, enougt follow the direction of the light. It's famous because they are convenient to use and are not bulky or showy. They are based in the mass.

At first I did not invent glasses gps but a flea in his ear to talk.