Bonjour, est- ce que quelqu'un pourrait me corriger ? C'est un podcast pour demain. Hello ! My name is Célia and I live in Mont******. Do you know the restaurant "Le chalet" ? There is a mini golf and the flat is delicious ! My brother love it. Oh, and do you know the chinese restaurant "Le siecle d'or" ? The dessert is fabulous ! If you choose that the banana, you will surprised ! This is smaller than Le chalet but is more affordable. I prefere the creperie "crepes délice" ! Everyone is simpathic, and smilled. Have you visited the musuem "********" ? It's interested, I have visited 3 time. The biggest nougat is exposed. There are a big sweet, and there are a restaurant, there is a tirolienne ;) Do you know the cinema "les 7 nefs" ? It has renovate. In the pool, there are a tobogan and a picnic area ! In the chocolate shop Escobar, you can taste the best chocolate of France. You can visit the Chateau des ********. The see is beautiful, and you can take the photo !



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Everyone is simpathic, and smiled.

Have you visited the museum ?

There is a big sweet, and there is a restaurant.


Voilà tu as que ça comme fautes  ;-)

J'espère t'avoir aider :-D

Meilleure réponse !

My brother loves -  I prefer - Everyone is sympathetic- and smiled  - the museum - 3 times - there is a restaurant - toboggan - the sea is beautiful . Voilà enfin j'ai trouvé que ça personnellement !! ;) bon courage !