Bonjour à tous ! Voilà je dois envoyer par mail AUJOURD'HUI un dialogue rédigé en anglais à ma prof. Pouvez vous m'aider ? Voici les informations :

personnages :

• Dino Bersconi : mafia boss

• Tony Bersconi : Dino's son

• Alicia Bardini : Tony's grandmother

Synopsis :

Tony's mother died when Tony was still a young kid. He was told she had a car accident. He's now 20 and his grandmother has decided to tell him the truth about his mother's death : Dino had his wife murdered.

Il faut à partir de ces informations, écrire le dialogue entre Tony et sa grand-mère en 150 mots. Je n'ai vraiment pas d'inspiration :'( Please help me !




Coucou, desole pour le retard.  u=you et les ur=your


Alicia: Tony my little boy, Do you remember ur mom? 


Tony: Of course, i am not, I was soo young


Alicia: Yeah: you're right, but you really do not remember any things about her ?


Tony: Well, i was only 4 years old, when she left us, grandma, it's' yours to tell me how she was ?!


Alicia: ur mother  was so nice with everyone, she was always elegant nd graceful. you look like her, u know ?!


Tony: Really?! 


Alicia; yes a lot 


Tony: But unfortunately, the best people leave us so fast !


Alicia; unfortunately, you know ? She does not deserve this. She has not any luck with ur father, because, she was so pleasant and king, but he does not .


Tony: Grandma! Why u tell that about my dad ? What did he do to my mom ?


Alicia: Now u're 20 and u're  a men, u must know the truth about your mother death. until then, u always believed that ur mother died in a car aident, but the only truth is .......[After a long hesitation]your father, Dino has killed her .


Tony: you kidding me ?


Alicia: No , i am so sorry 


Tony: why? why he did that horrible thing ? 


Alicia : pls, do not ask me any question, I'm like u, I do not know why he did  that. it is to him, to your father , that u should go to ask the question u want !