MONDAY Okay ,Okay so hang me I killed the bird ,for pities sake it's not my fault the bird dropped into my paws. Okay , okay so I biffed it is that any reason for Ellie so hug so tight I almost choke to cry so hard I almost drown. "Oh tuffy she says Oh Tuffy How could you do that think of that poor little bird". How was I supposed to know that Ellies mum would bring in sheets of old newspapers and how was I supposed to know that Ellie's dad would fill a bucket full of soapy water. Okay , okay so maybe the stain of the birds blood won't come out ever so smack me.

faire un texte a peu pres comme celui ci mais avec un chien



Meilleure réponse !

Tu fais le texte comme avec le chat mais sauf que ici tu mets toous ce qui concerne le chat au masculin car le chien est un masculin